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Use Cases

Seshat offers developers and Web3 innovators the essential toolkit for crafting intelligent, data-driven applications. With compatibility across multiple blockchains and a wide array of predictive models, our platform delivers near real-time insights to empower your projects. Benefit from our seamless integration and diverse data schemas to make informed development decisions and accelerate your application's market readiness.


Asset Recommendations

Enhancing Crypto Investment with Seshat

Asset and Token Recommendation Engine Powered by Seshat

Asset and Token Recommendation Engine Powered by Seshat

Experience our demonstration of Seshat through a recommendation engine that intelligently suggests cryptocurrencies based on your wallet activity. Using Seshat’s predictive technology, it identifies assets matching your transaction history and investment behavior, aiming to support more informed choices.


The Reliability and Scalability You Expect from a Web3 Feature Development

Seshat is not a database or a processing engine. It plugs into and orchestrates on top of your existing storage and processing infrastructure for predictive feature development and deployment.

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